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In Dalton, GA, Emerald Carpets has launched the Emerald Cares Community Closet, reflecting our commitment to employee and community support. This project, fueled by employee donations and volunteer efforts, provides essential clothing and fosters a sense of community. Our team and volunteers set up and manage this resource, showcasing our collective commitment to assistance and solidarity.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed, and Amber Whitlock for coming up with the winning name for our closet donation room. The closet, located at 200 West Industrial Boulevard, is open Tuesdays and Fridays, offering clothes and shoes to employees and their families, promoting dignity and connection. This successful initiative exemplifies the power of teamwork and encourages ongoing contributions to sustain this communal effort.

Amber Whitlock and Ryan Reagan

Amber Whitlock and Ryan Reagan

The Emerald Cares Community Closet symbolizes our collective impact and the strength of our community spirit. We urge employees to continue supporting this cause, reinforcing our shared values and commitment to each other’s well-being. Together, we’re strengthening our community, one piece of clothing at a time.