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In a tradeshow setting, carpet padding is highly recommended to retain the longevity of your booth or aisle carpet by limiting the impact of heavy foot traffic. Additionally, carpet padding can conceal the look of uneven flooring and provide a seamless look along the tradeshow floor.

10’ Trade Show Padding

Produced with 95% recycled contents, our 10’ trade show padding provides support under booth and aisle carpets.

  • ½” Rebond Padding

Our ½” rebond padding provides protection for your carpet while retaining a shorter profile.

  • 1” Rebond Padding

Protect your carpet with our 1” rebond padding, ideal for areas where additional support may be required or for heavy foot traffic.

10’ EPAD

Developed exclusively for the tradeshow environment. Produced with 95% recycled content. 100% recyclable back into EPAD.

Vinyl Padding

Invented to channel and hide AV cables under vinyl flooring, our vinyl padding protects your vinyl flooring while concealing unsightly cables and cords.

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