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Emerald Carpets has the largest selection of carpet styles and colors for the trade show and special events industry. We keep large inventories stocked for our customer’s convenience, and we provide custom design services to align with customer branding and preferences.

Carpets that are returned to Emerald will be reused multiple times.
The face fibers in all standard styles can be recycled; however, every effort will be made to reuse or repurpose standard carpet prior to using additional energy to recycle.


Carpet styles are designed for multiple uses in trade shows and special events. Our standard trade show carpets are available for booths and aisles. Offered in four designs, with a selection of up to 15 standard colors based on the product, or the option for custom creation.

Aisle carpets are available in 10’, 9’ and 7’6” widths.
Exhibitor booth carpets are available in 10’ wide.

Premium Carpet

Elevate your booth with our premium booth carpets, designed to provide additional comfort underfoot. These carpets are custom-designed and provide a luxury aesthetic with our highest-quality materials.

Summit carpet is used for the Green Square Carpet Depot options.

Ideal for exhibitor areas and corporate events.
Face fibers are 100% recyclable.
All styles are available 10’ wide.
9 colors stocked in these 3 grades of carpet.

Ultra Premium Carpet

Premium Comfort with custom design capabilities
Ideal for exhibitor areas and corporate events.
Face fibers are 100% recyclable
All styles are available 10’ wide

Economy Carpet

14 colors stocked in these 2 grades of carpet.

Custom Colors

Design a personalized trade show booth with custom colors to blend seamlessly with your branding materials and assets. Choose from a variety of stock colors to create a blend, or present a custom color for our team to recreate.

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